Thursday, December 9, 2010

Golden Disc Award 2010 Winners

2010 Golden Disc Award Daesang
SNSD - "Oh!"

Disk Bonsang

DJ DOC - Im This Type Of Person
SHINee - Lucifer
Super Junior - Bonamana
BoA - Hurricane Venus

2010 Samsung Yepp Digital Music Daesang

2AM -"Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die"

Digital Music Bonsang
miss A - Good Girl, Bad Girl
IU ft. Seulong - Nagging
Lee Seung Gi - Love Taught Me How to Drink
CN BLUE - Im a loner
2AM - Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die

Hip-hop Award
Supreme Team

Rock AwardF.T. Island

Rookie Award

Popularity Award

Asian Popularity Award
Super Junior

Producer Award
Hong Seung Sung (Cube Entertainment)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Park Chun Seok (Trot singer and famous Korean composer that passed away this year)

Lee Seung Gi MV (Music Video)

2004 : Because You’re My Girl (Co-star: Kim Sa Rang)
2004 : Delete
2006 :  Words That Are Hard To Say (Co-star: Nam Sang Mi)
2006 : Shape Of Your Lips
2006 : Please, Desire And Hope, Addio, Tears (Co-star: Park Min Ji)
2007 : White Lie, Why… Are You Leaving (Co-star: Min Ji Hye)
2008 : I’ll Give You All
2008 : Let’s Go On A Vacation (1N2D video cuts)
2009 : Let’s Break Up (Co-star: Lee Se Na)
2010 : Ver.1 Smile Boy Feat Kim Yuna, Ver.2 Smile Boy Rock Version (KB Bank World Cup Campaign)
2010 : Losing My Mind – My girlfriend is a Gumiho OST
2010 : I Love You From Now On – My girlfriend is a Gumiho OST

Lee Seung Gi Dramas

The Infamous Chil Sisters (KBS,2006)
Character: Hwang Tae Ja
Co-stars: Lee Tae Ran, Choi Jung Won, Park Hae Jin

Brilliant Legacy (SBS,2009)
Character: Sun Woo Hwan
Co-stars: Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won, Bae Soo Bin

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (SBS,2010)
Character: Cha Dae Woong
Co-stars: Shin Min Ah,No Min Woo,Park Soo Jin,Hyomin,Byun Hee Bong,Sung Dong Il

Lee Seung Gi Awards

2004 KM Music Festival -  Best Newcomer
Seoul Music Awards – Best Newcomer
SBS Music Awards – Best Newcomer
MBC Entertainment Awards – Special Singer Award
MBC Best 10 Singers Music Festival – Best Newcomer
2006 KM Music Festival – Ballad Excellence Award (Word hard to say)
Korea Best Dresser Awards – Singer Award
SBS Music Awards – Bonsang Award
2007 KM Music Festival – Best Male Solo Artist (White Lie)
Korea Entertainment Arts Awards – Best Male Singer (Ballad)
KBS Entertainment Awards – Popularity Award
2009 20’s Choice Awards – Hot Drama Star (Male)
Korea Advertiser Awards – Advertiser of the Year
Golden Disk Awards – Digital Single Bonsang Award (Will you marry me?)
SBS Entertainment Awards – Netizen Best Popularity Award
SBS Drama Awards – Young People’s Star Award ,Best Couple Award ,Special Program Acting Award
2010SBS Review of Programs (Jul-Dec 2009) – TV Division MC Special Award from Kang Shim Jang
46th Paeksang Arts Awards-Male Popularity Award [Television]
5th Seoul International Drama Awards-Popularity award for best actor
Korea Advertiser Awards – Advertiser of the Year
25th Golden Disk Awards – Digital Bonsang  (Love Taughe Me To Drink)
                                                    Lee Seung Gi Edwin Collection

Lee Seung Gi Speech at Golden Disc Award

'Thank you for giving me such a good award. It feels very good to be able to gather with my seniors after so long. I will like to thank my boss for the effort made for this album. Though I didn’t manage to perform on the stage when this album was out this time, the next time I will try my best to perform on more stages as a singer. I will also like to thank my fans who have been voting for me all day round’

PS: Another edition of thank you speech from another source 
‘Thank you Rep Kwon’,’Thank you staffs from Hook Entertainment. After the 4th album, I didn’t manage to do a lot of album promotions. I’m very honoured to receive this award though not much promotion was done.’